General Information About Our Class Expectations


Art class at St. Marys Middle School is a product-based class that provides opportunities for students to learn and use techniques specific to creating artwork. Along with the techniques and skills that are learned in order to produce art come life skills such as observing, envisioning, innovation through exploration, reflective self-evaluation, and the ability to experiment and learn from mistakes. Critical thinking and problem solving skills learned through the production of artworks are skills that will benefit students throughout their academic careers.


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Course Description:  This course is designed as a foundation course.  It is designed to develop skills entering information (both alpha and numeric) on a keyboard using the touch system.  Students will learn the general parts of a computer as well as proper keyboarding techniques.  In addition, this course introduces students to practical computer applications.  Students will learn about word processing, spreadsheets, databases, Internet usage, and multimedia.  

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Course designed to provide knowledge, skills and opportunities students need to make decisions that lead to an optimal level of well being and healthy living.


Sex education and AIDS prevention.

Math Connections

Course is designed to provide students with additional assistance in understanding and being able to use mathematical concepts and operations, solve problems, and analyze and draw conclusions.

The Academic Math Exploratory class is designed to address any areas of unsuccessful academic progress as identified through the CRCT, Benchmark tests, and Fluency tests.  Students are placed in the program at their individual ability level.  Various programs are used to improve academic progress.

Physical Education

Course designed to provide students with the opportunity to learn the information and skills necessary to be active and healthy for their entire lives. Students also learn cooperation and teamwork skills that can be applied in family, school, work, and community situations.

Students are expected to bring appropriate clothing and footwear for athletic activities. Athletic clothing items are not to be worn to their other classes.

Grades are earned by participation which includes dressing out for PE activities daily.

Reading Connections

The goal of this class is to teach students to become more fluent readers by using systematic classroom-based instructional assessments to monitor student progress in both rate and accuracy

Why is Fluency Important? Because non-fluent readers focus much of their attention on figuring out words, they have less attention to devote to comprehension. Fluent readers are able to focus their attention on understanding text.

This class is designed to help students improve their reading fluency and reading comprehension skills. Fluency is the ability to read text accurately and quickly. Fluency bridges word decoding and comprehension. Comprehension is understanding what has been read.


The SMMS Technology class uses Synergistic learning Lab modules.  Students will work collaboratively at assigned module. Each module is designed to offer math and science challenges that will provide review and enhancement to the core curriculum your child receives in other classes. Students also do individual assignments designed to help them enhance their computer usage skills through discovery and implementation.



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