Teacher Email & Websites

At St. Marys Middle School, we believe in and encourage open communication between parents and teachers.  Often questions and concerns can be answered via email.  Simply  click on the teacher's name and a new email message will open.

When corresponding with teachers, please remember to include the student's full name. Exploratory teachers appreciate inclusion of the student's grade level, because they teach all three grade levels and have six classes each day.

Instructional Support Specialist



Email Address

Instructional Support Specialist

Dr. Leigh Powell



Other Educational Services

Position Name Website/Email Address

Guidance Counselor

Mr. Daniel Burns


Guidance Counselor Ms. Melissa Richardson mrichardson@camden.k12.ga.us
ISS Facilitator Mr. Micah Fulks mfulks@camden.k12.ga.us
Library Media Specialist Mrs. Nancy Bowyer


School Social Worker Dr. Bianca Booker cbooker@camden.k12.ga.us
Title 1 Specialist In Transition website 

6th Grade

Team 6-1
Subject Name Website/Email Address
Language Arts Ms. Donna Clark
Math Ms. Andrea Winsor
Science Ms. Melodie Page mpage@camden.k12.ga.us
Social Studies Mr. Charles Harris charris@camden.k12.ga.us

Team 6-2
Subject Name Website/Email Address
Language Arts Ms. Amy Blackerby
Math Dr. Melissa Turney mturney@camden.k12.ga.us
Science Mr. Jason Smith
Social Studies Dr. Kimberly Brinson

Team 6-3
Subject Name Website/Email Address
Language Arts Ms. Kristina Groomes kgroomes@camden.k12.ga.us
Math Ms. Tiffany Bosworth tbosworth@camden.k12.ga.us
Science Ms. Pamela Lassiter plassiter@camden.k12.ga.us
Social Studies Ms. Pamela Herman pherman@camden.k12.ga.us

7th Grade

Team 7-1
Subject Name Website/Email Address
Language Arts Ms. Hayley Granger hgranger@camden.k12.ga.us
Math Mrs. Heidi Hickman hhickman@camden.k12.ga.us
Science Ms. Suzanne Monnat smonnat@camden.k12.ga.us
Social Studies Mrs. Sharon Bergsma sbergsma@camden.k12.ga.us

Team 7-2
Subject Name Website/Email Address

Language Arts

Ms. Christina Cody


Math Ms. Dietra McKinney DBecker@camden.k12.ga.us
Science Ms. Chelsea Prince cprince@camden.k12.ga.us
Social Studies Ms. Samantha Marx


Team 7-3
Subject Name Website/Email Address
Language Arts Ms. Patricia Medaille  pmedaille@camden.k12.ga.us
Math Mr. James Workman jworkman@camden.k12.ga.us
Science Ms. Lori O'Brien  lo'brien@camden.k12.ga.us
Social Studies Ms. Twinnette Pope tpope@camden.k12.ga.us

8th Grade

Team 8-1
Subject Name Website/Email Address
Language Arts Mrs. Paige Wood pwood@camden.k12.ga.us
Math Ms. Kathryn Jackson kholcomb@camden.k12.ga.us
Science Ms. Angie Walker AWalker@camden.k12.ga.us
Social Studies Mr. Tim Salser tsalser@camden.k12.ga.us

Team 8-2
Subject Name Website/Email Address
Language Arts Ms. Beth Waxman bwaxman@camden.k12.ga.us
Math Mr. Jay Frazier ajfrazier@camden.k12.ga.us
Science Ms. Kathryn Madera kmadera@camden.k12.ga.us
Social Studies Mrs. Tina Bense tbense@camden.k12.ga.us

Team 8-3
Subject Name Website/Email Address
Language Arts Ms. Susan Richardson srichardson@camden.k12.ga.us
Math Ms. Kristina Holloway kholloway@camden.k12.ga.us
Science Dr. Susan Bridwell sbridwell@camden.k12.ga.us
Social Studies Dr. Mike Siekkinen MSiekkinen@camden.k12.ga.us

Special Education

Subject Name Website/Email Address
8th MATH and SCI Ms. Chrisie Fuller
GAA Ms. Merinda Giles
7th and 8th ELA Dr. April Howell
7th MATH TBA  @camden.k12.ga.us
8th SOC ST Mr. Marcus Long
GAA Ms. Nicole McKee
6th and 7th SOC ST Mr. Rennie Moore rmoore@camden.k12.ga.us
6th ELA and Math Ms. Michelle Payne
7th and 8th ELA Ms. Hattie Rosario HRosario@camden.k12.ga.us

6th MATH and ELA

Mr. Rodney Thomas
6th and 7th SCI
Ms. Darlene Vurnakes


Speech Mr. Bill Yeomans  wyeomans@camden.k12.ga.us

Exploratory / Connections

Subject                Name                        Website/Email Address      
Art Mr. Chris Dougherty    cdougherty@camden.k12.ga.us
Band - Music Ms. Holly Cottrell website
Business & Computer Science Mr. Hamilton McElroy website
Health - Boys Dr. Andy Watson awatson@camden.k12.ga.us
Health - Girls Ms. Aimee Bryant abryant@camden.k12.ga.us
Physical Education Mr. David Hill dhill2@camden.k12.ga.us
Physical Education Ms. Rachelle deGraaf
Physical Education Mr. Grant Wise
Reading Specialist Ms. Sue Minshew sminshew@camden.k12.ga.us 
Skills for Adolescents Dr. Steve Conner SConner@camden.k12.ga.us
Skills - Math Mr. Neil Bickmore KBickmore@camden.k12.ga.us
Skills - Reading Ms. Sandra DeLoach sdeloach@camden.k12.ga.us 
Study Skills Ms. Carolyn Wenger cwenger@camden.k12.ga.us
Technology Mr. Robin Sowell



Custodial Staff

Position Name/Picture Website/Email Address
Head Custodian Mr. Randy Stark rstark@camden.k12.ga.us
Custodian Mr. Jimmie Rush  
Custodian Ms. Christann Brazier   
Custodian Ms. Jackie White  

Office/Support Personnel

Position Name/Picture Website/Email Address
Nurse Ms. Samantha Dixon  sdixon@camden.k12.ga.us 
Office Manager Ms. Pam Lloyd   plloyd@camden.k12.ga.us  
Library Media Assistant Ms. Kelly Cone kcone@camden.k12.ga.us
Student Information Operator   Ms. Peggy DuBose   pdubose@camden.k12.ga.us  
SPED Paraprofessional  Ms. Amy Dusenberry adusenberry@camden.k12.ga.us
Office Secretary Ms. Kaitlyn Fatale kfatale@camden.k12.ga.us
SPED Paraprofessional Ms. Darlene Flowers dflowers@camden.k12.ga.us
Office Paraprofessional Ms. Tammy Hines thines@camden.k12.ga.us 
Office Paraprofessional Ms. Angel Kersten rkersten@camden.k12.ga.us
SPED Paraprofessional Ms. Debra Lawrence DLawrence@camden.k12.ga.us
Guidance Secretary Ms. Cindy Marr cmarr@camden.k12.ga.us 
Office Paraprofessional Ms. Amy Melton amelton@camden.k12.ga.us
Office Secretary Ms. Jeannette Myers jmyers1@camden.k12.ga.us
SPED Paraprofessional  Ms. Ashley Swan aswan@camden.k12.ga.us
ISS Paraprofessional Ms. Ana Vinuela avinuela@camden.k12.ga.us
SPED Paraprofessional  Ms. Diana West dwest@camden.k12.ga.us

Cafeteria Personnel

Position Name/Picture Website/Email Address
Bobcat Cafe Manager Ms. Teresa Young tyoung@camden.k12.ga.us
Cafeteria Personnel Ms. Melody Arrowood  
Cafeteria Personnel Ms. Elinda Booth  
Cafeteria Personnel Ms. Aimee Donahue  
Cafeteria Personnel Ms. Margarita Drake  
Cafeteria Personnel Ms. Avegail Drawry  
Cafeteria Personnel Mr. Paul Meacham  
Cafeteria Personnel Ms. Essie Perkins  
Cafeteria Personnel Ms. Lisa Rhone  
Cafeteria Personnel Ms. Cinda Smith  

Resource Officer

Name Website/Email Address
Officer Michaela Batten
School Resource Officer